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As part of a series of window space residencies at Arts at the Old Firestation, Oxford ‘Ausraumung’ involved daily performative rituals using drawing, printmaking and sound. The name of the performance  Ausraumung’ is a term used by psychologist Sigmund Freud in his “first full-length analysis of a hysteria,” back in 1892, the “procedure was one of clearing away [Ausräumung] the pathogenic material layer by layer and compared it to the technique of excavating a buried city or cleaning a house.

In connection with the theme of domesticity, the idea of clearing out connects to the every day cleaning and chores that are performed in a home and applying it the concept of mind/body as the home.

P1010460Drawing tool, burnt tree root



ausraumung(performanceobject_redclay_plantstems_ inkbowl_may2016