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Exhibition: Neo Naturists, Studio Voltaire, London

//Body sculpture in woods. Performance ritual spinning running a round circles. Layers. Joy roses turn taking smiles pagan eyptian. Family child love joy archives fire breathing ecstatic woman blue silver lines the painted face painted lips like pillars drinking feasting. A place of worship, flying bodies higher in the window, walls ceilings frescos reaching rejoicing […]

Desk Space Residency

  I’ve been working in the window space at the Arts at the Old Fire station in Oxford as part of a build up to an ongoing performance work titled ‘Ausraumung’ using drawing, printing, film and object making. On the first day I put together the window sign/title of the work cutting up some vinyl […]


Since setting up a small printing lab at home I have started to play around with combinations of drawing and printing. I used a strong graphic line for the flasks, which also acts as a symbol which identifies as a container. I am creating these works into a series of potions. In my research to […]

development of performance work

        Last week I performed some of my new work at spaceforfailure (Chisenhale dance studio). Having not been in the space before I took sometime before hand to work out how I wanted to move within the performance. With the intention of my movements within the layout to ‘activate’ the space, creating a sense […]

‘FACE DOWN TO THE LAND’ Ivy T.C Chan performance

I took part in a group performance for the private view of the undergraduate Chelsea fine art show with artist Ivy T.C Chan.   We were given a set of instructions to follow during the performance. Ivy used the counting method 1 ,2 ,3, 4 to structure our movements within the space. Our movements followed […]

Megan Rooney: ‘Animals On The Bed’

Large feet, enlargement of hands, disproportionately. Glowing pink, smudged pastel blue, grabbing reaching, in the mode of. Headless detached, body less, unconscious, weightless balloons, stringing along. Let go of. Not floating. Still. Holes gaping upward at you. An event popped, inflated, loop the loop pulled along caught in a foot. Running. Palm outstretched, flat. String […]

Desk Space residency

  I’ve recently been selected to do a week long residency in the window of The Art’s at the Old Firestation in Oxford. my proposal – ‘For the residency I would like to do a printing performance.  I will be using the screen printing method to create a new symbol each day. Each symbol I […]


Using light play, paper and print I tested myself in these boundaries I’d made. slipping through, between and over edges, surface and movement.        

Artweeks exhibition and workshop

For Oxford’s artweeks during May, I exhibited a set of new silk screen prints. The series sets out to explore and identify the eco systems that inhabit the life of a woodland environment. The circle forms the basis of each design, it serves as representation of the cycle of life, the act of one affects […]

Anne Hardy ‘Field’ at M.A.O

Treading through the entrance of Modern Art Oxford I am greeted by familiar and sounds of cups clattering, people in small groups talking, laughing, gesticulating.  I turn to my left and begin to go upstairs drawn up into a luminous blue grey light. I step into the space and instantly feel the axis of the room […]

Exhibition:’We all draw’ Bargehouse, London

I got to be part of this large scale event and group show as part of a showcase and research for UAL. All affiliated with the university could apply and I was able to display a drawing for the show. The aim of the event was to draw more on the connection between drawing and […]

Hajra Waheed: Still Against The Sky

During my visit to Berlin I went to the KW institute for contemporary art situated in Auguststraße. Upon seeing Hajra Waheeds exhibition ‘still against the sky’ the first set of works – ‘The Scrap Book Project 2010-2011′ consisted of a series of between 20-30 images made using transferred images,photographs, drawings, print and collage. At first approaching […]

Event: Jug Choir Performance

I took part in several workshops at modern art oxford to be part of a group performance with artist Serena Korda in as part of her show Ectoplasmic Variations. The workshops were quick paced and required complete conviction in what you were doing. We did many vocal and aciton based games, such as making the […]

Workshop: Sketchbook Seminar

  During several members of the MA drawing group (Westley, Cyril and Ines) delivery of a seminar about sketchbooks they attended I became interested in a term defined by Alice Kolb and David Kolb called the ‘experiential learning theory’ ”Stable and enduring patterns of human learning arise from consistent patterns of transaction between the individual […]