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Megan Rooney: ‘Animals On The Bed’


Large feet, enlargement of hands, disproportionately. Glowing pink, smudged pastel blue, grabbing reaching, in the mode of. Headless detached, body less, unconscious, weightless balloons, stringing along. Let go of. Not floating. Still. Holes gaping upward at you. An event popped, inflated, loop the loop pulled along caught in a foot. Running. Palm outstretched, flat. String spring neck. Boing into blue. Engulfed, rounded reaching around the corner. Shifting shades drips drops. Lilies, scented decaying, petals drooping, a love a death. Circulation. Awake. Asleep. Lying down. Nail varnish remover ritual polishing, unpolished. Smell litter a box to grow from. Soft voices monotone, valium, 1960’s . Drawings on the walls a bedroom mother, father. ‘Gentle curvy bed, you swing it hard’ bashing a woo woo woo opportunity presents itself. Goods and services.a continuous flow. White roses.

Seventeen Gallery, London

3rd June to 23rd July 2016

Megan Rooney, Animals on the bed

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