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Desk Space residency



I’ve recently been selected to do a week long residency in the window of The Art’s at the Old Firestation in Oxford.

my proposal –

‘For the residency I would like to do a printing performance.  I will be using the screen printing method to create a new symbol each day. Each symbol I make will be based on a set of historical events/narratives in relation to perceptions of the female. The printing process acts as part of a healing ritual.  I would like to communicate to a large group of the community. As part of the work the public will be able to come into the space and take a printed symbol away with them.

The work sets out to explore the spreading of ideas and symbols through the printing process,  asking questions about how mass hysteria and cultural ideologies are created.

For the first day of the printing performance i will be creating a symbol which represents the last witch trial which took place in the 17th century.’

I am preparing myself for this work and doing a short run through of it on the 19th June at Chelsea Dance space. called ‘space for failure’. This is a student led initiative funded by the PG Student Communities Fund to promote experimenting and testing of feminist/queer performance/moving image concepts across UAL’s postgraduatecommunity.

I hope to get feedback and discussion about the work, to help make the work stronger.

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