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Workshop: Sketchbook Seminar


During several members of the MA drawing group (Westley, Cyril and Ines) delivery of a seminar about sketchbooks they attended I became interested in a term defined by Alice Kolb and David Kolb called the ‘experiential learning theory’

”Stable and enduring patterns of human learning arise from consistent patterns of transaction between the individual and his or her environment. The way we process the possibilities of each new experience determines the range of choices and decisions we see. The choices and decisions we make to some extent determine the 4 events we live through, and these events influence our future choices. Thus, people create themselves through the choice of actual occasions they live through. 

This process is portrayed as an idealized learning cycle or spiral where the learner “touches all the bases”—experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting—in a recursive process that is responsive to the learning situation and what is being learned. 

Making Spaces for Acting and Reflecting–Learning is like breathing; it involves a taking in and processing of experience and a putting out or expression of what is learned”

This became part of my research for my final essay and part of my thought process in my practice.

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