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Last week I performed some of my new work at spaceforfailure (Chisenhale dance studio). Having not been in the space before I took sometime before hand to work out how I wanted to move within the performance. With the intention of my movements within the layout to ‘activate’ the space, creating a sense of flow and rhythm to the work.

I was given good feedback at the end, some saying it felt rushed and that I needed to slow it down more, take my time when doing each part of the performance. I began the work with an unrolling of the paper, then placing some of the various objects I’d brought with me to prevent it form rolling back up again. There was a lot of testing and accidental aspects as I was performing, including the breaking of the bell I had constructed to signal the end of one phase and into the next. This was seen as a desirable effect, allowing it to become destructive and more open to change.

Another point someone made was that I needed to channel my character of this witch-like person more. Perhaps exaggerating certain movements when making the symbolic drawings with my body on the ground. This point made me think about the work of Dancer Mary Wigman’s ‘Hexentanz’   –


I find her dance so captivating, powerful. With her body grounded and curled up she casts herself as in thrall to ecstatic and occult forces. You can only see her hands and feet, whilst her face is covered by a mask. This minimal costume is effective in drawing the audience in under her spell. Many of her dances were improvised, adding minimal musical compostions later to highlight certain movements within her performance.

I have also been researching the practice of casting circles using this tumblr 

I really like the idea of purifying the space I make the performance in, by simply cleaning it, preparing it for the ritual of the printing press. In my own space at home I spend time before I make work setting up, cleaning etc. so this feels like a natural thing to incorporate into the work. As the residency will be taking place in the window, I will need to clean the window as part of the piece, as this is where I will be drawing the symbol to begin the printing process.







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