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Artist Talk: Siobahn Davies





Notes made:

[ ] Body as memory
[ ] How to archive dance
[ ] Using anatomy of ape to inhibit the form/body language/behavior
[ ] Dance in relation to drawing, looks to drawing, is influenced by drawing as act of thinking.
[ ] Thinking in relation to movement, subtle movement as thinking as drawing. Using the body to draw with in relation to space. How we are cutting up space. What does it feel like to do something?
[ ] Claire blooming -ceramist- dance rehearsal called rotor- inviting people/artists to meet and be inspired by a happening and making a work in response.
[ ] Cape farewell expedition-
[ ] High arctic –
[ ] Juleitienne Marie photography of movement. Robert valser-the walk 19th century.
[ ] Helen carnack -walk collecting.

During a very enaging discussion with Siobahn and Tania, they touched on a piece of work I was interesed to hear more about called ‘rotor’ in which the central theme was ‘catalyst’ for one person/thing to affect another during moving around each other in a space. Artists and poets were invited to come and be a part of the work as a n additional catalyst to inspire ideas from the work.


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