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I have made a series of chew pieces and castings of found objects to use either as drawing tools, or to make drawings from.

‘auscultation’ series 1(set of 20) photograph Air drying clay 100 x 60 mm (per sculpture)


‘auscultation’ photograph detail
‘auscultation’ documentation of process

For a group presentation of this work I also linked this wok in with my diagrammatic table alongside a sound piece I had made to go with the sculptures. It was a simple app i had discovered by which you can draw an image, which is then looped and played as a sound frequency. I felt this would be an thought provoking concept to open a discussion about how drawing can translate from one media to the next and how this changes the context and overall meaning for a body of work.

'auscultation' sound sculptures
‘auscultation’ sound sculptures Mobile phone – nexus

The word ‘auscultation’ means to listen to the sounds of the body such as the heart, lungs and intestines. I felt this word aptly describes the type of bodily sculpture I am attempting to make. i also fell like I am trying to describe the functions of my own insides through sculpture, using what abilities I have  – such as chewing to reveal some of these inner processes.



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