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I have a great love for photocopiers. So I was straight to the machine on my first day on the MA Drawing. I made several copies of  the light going through the glass and taped them together to make a longer journey to show this.


Within my practice I have a tendency to adopt quite controlled and repetitive approaches. My interest in the way a photocopier produces images as a machine is something I would like to learn to do in order to make my own mechanical responses for a drawing.

With this in mind I decided to copy the photocopies, and try to achieve the same detailed, linear gradient.

IMG_20141013_192246 (1)

It was not as straightforward as I thought it would be!  I had to use a pin to score the fine lines. and rub the charcoal into the lines then erase the material away to achieve anything close to the gradient in the original.

Although you can tell it is a drawing made by a person, I think it resonates some of the processes used by the photocopier.


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