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Peer Workshop One: Shaun Dolan



Before the workshop began the layout of the space made it clear how the activity was going to play out. Tables had been equipped with the materials and resources we needed in order to engage with the task we had been given. The layout of the chairs also encouraged a much more social aspect to the work- which I think was important whilst endeavouring to make the modrock sculptures we had been instructed on how to make.

During the task each group had an open dialogue about how they had been affected by bullying and how we each managed to conquer our own personal situations. This brought the group closer together as a result.

The final sculptures became evidence of time spent learning about each other whilst engaging with the context of Shaun’s work.

Once dried, we then took the sculptures outside and photographed them in and around the area. The sculptures were then intended to be left all over the city so as to open a dialogue about bullying and encouraging people to be more proactive in helping to overcome bullying as a community.


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