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Emboss No.3

Since my last try at making a full size paper record using drawing with the emboss technique my desire to have clean lines and substantial detail proved to be somewhat tricky in perfecting.


Using a new photopolymer plate, I went through the same process to transfer the image onto the plate but htis time when it came to exposing the plate to cold water, washing away the residue nylon I was careful not to spend very long in achieving too much depth in between the lines for the final emboss. I managed to refine to a good level of texture and detail through working quickly and feeling the line as washed it away.

I then spent a good amount of time (1 hour) drying the plate to ensure the nylon would harden and retain its structure.

After cooking it, I allowed several days for it to completely harden to ensure that the final emboss will be a successful one.



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