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In preparing for my final body of work I have decided to learn how to emboss in order to try and make my own paper record drawings. The project is in its early stages and I hope to be quite ambitious with how I incorporate it into the rest of my current thinking.

It is also an opportunity for me to learn how to make an embossed drawing for any future works I may want to make using this technique.



I enjoyed the process of transferring my image onto acetate then heating it onto a slate which then bakes the image onto the slate.

I then had to wash the slate with cold water whilst brushing the slate as the image appeared out of the chemical solution.

Once done, I dried the slate and prepared several sheets of paper by soaking them in water then using blotting paper to dry the excess water off. Once done the paper and the dried slate were then placed together into the print press and pressure was then exerted onto the two items.


I was very excited to see the outcome of the embossed drawing. I am now preparing the next stage of this process and making a drawing to be used for embossing and printing.


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