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Exhibition: Interactions of the Abstract Body

As part of the ongoing exhibition ‘The adventures of the Black Square’ at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. There was an evening performance of Josiah McElheny’ ‘Interactions of the Abstract Body’ a choreographed walk around the gallery space, dancers wearing mirrored kinetic sculptures, slowly moving around the gallery space whilst reflecting the paintings and videos back at the viewer.  Seeing the exhibition reflected back at me in this way,  I felt somehow removed from the space, as if I was in a different part of the building looking from another viewing point. McElheny-performance-3-e1423583397628-1170x655


For me the dance asked questions about the role of the viewer, how one becomes implicated in a work simply by being in a space and the manipulation of it through the kinetic sculptures.




Through the dance the room become more refracted, and was actively shifting the forms and lines all around the room.



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