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Open Wide Residency

As part of the UAL outreach programme, they had put together some funding to send a group of UAl post graduate students to participate in a residency at the Resort Studios in Margate. Including myself and four other students the project’s main ethos was ‘to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary’

I have wanted to take part in a collaborative project for a long time so this was a really great opportunity for me to try it out.

The week long project was all intensive, inviting discussion throughout as the work and our ideas grew with the space. As we got to learn about one another the work began to overlap, making contact with each piece throughout the space. The final work which culminated our experience of Margate was a group performative drawing which took place in an open public space, which was no longer used.  walk

Not knowing anyone from the group the residency was also a reflection of how relationships are built, the work becoming the evidence of they way we gradually got to know one another and be able to combine different ideas with other works.



The space became activated once we placed a line all around the room using blue electric tape- our horizon line, the great divide where the sky meets the sea. The word horizon derives from the Greek “ὁρίζων κύκλος” horizōn kyklos, “separating circle”

Often working late into the evening eating takeaway and popping out for occasional walks to diffuse the intense work dynamic that was building in the space, our work and our minds began to grow as we got to know the space and the town.

The space quickly became our mirror, to reflect, reenact and lineate our thoughts and experiences so far.

It was really great to have a group of people who each had a different specialism to bring to the table for the project, this is how the space first began to take shape, each person in their own area, placing the work we had made. But as the week went on, we each began to overlap, and work into each others spaces, so the work became symbiotic as did our minds.

We became an organism, absorbing, and growing into the space.










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