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Pupil Drawing

During my time spent working with ink and charcoal in the studio – I decided I wanted to make a series of experimental drawings using ink to explore the way the iris controls the pupil to expand and contract in response to varying degrees of light and imagery.




The drawing was made quite urgently as I wanted to work with the wet ink as it worked its way over the surface of the paper.

I wanted to create a sense of depth to the ink so I scored into the surface of the paper then printed onto a spare piece of paper I had nearby to help show more of the score marks.

I like the effect left on the printed paper, although it looks less like an iris, this idea of using the residue left over from drawings to make a new one has a lot more potential to it.


The technique of drawing into wet brushed paper with the ink create the nerves around the centre of the eye worked well even though it was done quite quickly.



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