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Scrap boxes

When I make work, I tend to have a period of time where I experiment and make a bit of mess with ways to make work I as follow it into fruition.

This has resulted in a large amount of drawings, marks that I will never use for anything other than keeping in my draw or putting in the bin.

These marks made during the process of making work are equally as valid and fascinating as the finished pieces. So I want to store them away into a work of it own, where I can reflect on when I need to.

Box Collage Mixed media 210 x 297 mm


Alongside this I am thinking about the way we like to preserve things, how we pack up our belongings when we’re moving house, or going away somewhere, or even transporting a valuable piece of art etc. I’m now exploring the idea of making more elaborate images to do with this method of storing up our belongings.

images for next box collage

I am experimenting with different glues and varnishes to further preserve the work as it has become a precious object in itself. 

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