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Tutorial: Anne Marie Creamer

My tutorial with artist and tutor at Wimbledon UAL Anne Marie Creamer was about getting acquainted with my practice and the ideas that underpin it. I found it best to start with my current work and work back from there. I began by showing Anne Marie the sketches/photographs and written thoughts around what my current work was going to be like.

Using the circle as the basis for much of my work, Anne Marie Creamer suggested the Marcel Duchamps ‘anemic cinema’ as a reference for me to look at and think about in relation to my work.

It was a really great reference too, especially in relation to the spinning motorized objects I have been developing for my final work.

I also discussed the use of spinning in relation to dance and drawing, how these are all connected through movement, rhythm and ritual. Creamer discussed more with me about ecstatic states, a certain loss of the self through repetitive motions. I was pleased that this was picked up on through what I had shown and described.



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