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Tutorial: Simon Betts

My tutorial with artist and dean of Wimbledon college of art began with a series of questions from Simon about my background what I had done before the MA in drawing. We were mapping how we’d got here at this point to discuss my current work.

During the course of our discussion simon noticed several pieces of works I had in my space one of which was my paper cut headless dancers. I explained where this work had come from and showed Simon how I had displayed it in the past. Simon suggested that I should try to get the dancers to move more. using fans, or putting them outside and film them blowing free, open to chaos. I was quite taken by this idea, I like the destructive element to it, poetic even – i imagined myself going to a dramatic, scenic location and throwing them off a cliff/hill much like the work of Jeff wall ┬áin ‘a sudden gust of wind’

‘A Sudden Gust of Wind’ Jeff Wall (1993)

It appealed to me the idea of freeing my work up, not every work needs to be contained and controlled by me. In this sense I am opening up other possibilities of how a work can be delivered to an audience. Documentation, live performance or just a space in which the work can move freely around in.


Simon also became interested in a piece I had been developing using a record and printing its 3d outline into the surface of the paper. He felt it was already a strong piece and spoke a lot to him about trace, memory, drawing, rhythm and dance.

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