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Workshop Event: ACTS RE-ACTS – Seven Sisters

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‘The Workshop:
Led by World Stage Design 2013 Gold Award winner Sophie Jump and Artistic Director of Seven Sisters Group, Susanne Thomas this workshop is suitable for up to 12 participants with an interest in site-specific work and open to those with an interest in dance, theatre, design, architecture, sound, light, or art. Participants will be encouraged to create site-specific performance and/or installation in various locations around Wimbledon College of Art in response to spatial, social and cultural issues.
Our teaching revolves around a lively discourse between body and site. It encompasses the sharing of Seven Sisters Group’s unique working methods and approaches to performance and composition in specific contexts; experiments around the performer/spectator relationship; design and visual metaphor within site specific performance; art in public contexts; and in recent years deployment of handheld technology.’ –



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