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Artist Talk: Nicola Triscott



Notes Made:

Physics, into interest in telling story. Went into theater. Art and science. Thomas Cerasino. Critical art ensamble. Exhibitions, events, learning work. Bioscience. Agriculture. Space exploration. Generated new ides through science and culture. Citizen science and open Labs. Choreographer kitzu duboix.  Body controls itself in various states of gravity.  See video of choreography in zero gravity, into installation video/performance/..project took 5 years. Bolsar wood chair. Bio lab.

Airshow. Separate environment for people from different backgrounds to come together and generate ideas in one isolated space. Yohar artist group- Sustainability on the land. Chef smells and taste to describe land and how to survive. The sharing foundation rebetall Cohen artist our relationship with animals in medicine. Commision scientists to produce an animal which is sterile. Bioengineering. Does it change our relationship with them? As object. Machine was created to mimic the movement and actions of Dr Yamaha in the lab in creating the fish.

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