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Artist Talk and Discussion: Anelise Zimmerman



On a sunny afternoon in Wimbledon we had the opportunity to meet with Anelise Zimmerman, an artist of many talents and a childrens book illustrator.

Anelise showcased and discussed some of her drawings in relation to some of the books she had recently illustrated. I  too have an interest in making my own books and writing stories, so it was very useful for me to see how it can be done.


Anelise had traveled far and wide to learn more about how to develop her skill set, during the process of which she became increasingly aware of how  drawing is a very important creative thinking tool to be equipped with for any person. After starting a teaching post in Portugal Anelise noticed that the value of drawing had a much lower priority in some countries compared to the UK for example – in developing it as a more flexible tool to use in all subjects.




After delivering a talk around  Anelise’ profession, the artist was then keen to open up a dialogue with each of us around our personal views on drawing and what culture has influenced our perceptions of what drawing is/can be.

The discussion was a very positive one, and I felt it affirmed the relevance of drawing and how it can become a universal language for all to engage with.



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