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Artist Talk: Marie Ann Creamer

‘Amnesia’ 2001 drawing series


Artist and Tutor at the Wimbledon college of art gave a talk on her work which began its journey in telling strories through drawing and painting.

This later led Marie Ann to start making a series of beautifully shot films, the first of which is my favourite ‘Meeting the Pied Piper in Brasov – a paper prologue’ a film consisting of drawn stills depicting the narrative through Brasov. The film was very haunting particularly because of the hand that moves back and forth across the screen to move the drawn scene from one to the next. There was also a record player playing 1020’s music which seems to be refernecing the 1920’s era.

Meeting the Piper in Brasov, a paper prologue 8
‘Meeting the Pied Piper in Brasov- a paper prologue’ film still


I was very inspired by Marie Ann’s work. It seems that funding a film and having the right people to make the film with are all very important factors when endeavoring in projects like this. Many of Marie Ann’s stories are told in a variety of languages which makes the work so much more alluring, ethereal and dramatic to the viewer.


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