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Photocopy collage 297 x 420 mm

After making my series of light into dark photocopy’s I wanted to focus on making images that had movement and texture within them, using ink/charcoal. So I made several photocopies of my friends hair. I then taped several of the sheets together which began to look more like a surface, watery, floating, the hair becoming more creature-like perhaps?

Using a large hair brush I began to experiment with how to draw into the paper using grated charcoal to get a soft, furry, hair- like texture.

brushing the paper using pigment powder 420 x 594 mm

I enjoyed the process of brushing the paper. Both the sound and the repetitive movements added to the experience of the drawing.

In order to continue making work using the brush I would play more with the textural aspect if the drawing, rather than trying to get it look more like hair.

hair brush drawing 594 x 841 mm

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