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2014-11-25_15.40.26 (2)
method – sanding charcoal onto paper

In the same vein as using objects to draw with, I thought it might be interesting to see how I could use a fine toothed comb to draw with into the grated charcoal dust.

‘comb stack’ photo collage 297 x 420 mm

Drawing with the comb had a beautiful fluidity to it, I was able to spin and twist my wrist accordingly as I drew from the photocopy of the hair.

I particularly enjoyed the fine marks that had been left on the surface of the paper. Upon reflecting on the final drawing, I began to imagine that the drawing looked as though it has somehow drawn itself, or like machine had manipulated the dust.

‘comb drawing’ 594 x 841 mm

I then had an idea to try using magnets to draw with, to use forces that are outside of my control, letting more of a chance/chaos element into my work.



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