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Cyril’s workshop

MA Peer Workshop Proposal Chuan Lu

For Cyrils workshop we shown a video on youtube of the process and methods involved in preparing and making Egg Shell art.

We were then asked to use our tweezers and carefully break the egg shells into very small pieces. Once broken we glued a small piece of wood in which we had drawn an image that we had each brought with us for the afternoon. We then used the broken egg shell pieces to stick onto the drawing and spent a good deal of time trying to get a good even spaces in between the egg shell pieces. Once the image had been filled, we then placed them on the window sill to dry. Cyril then went on to show us what can be achieved when you practice making this king of art work on a regular basis.

I had no previous knowledge about this way of making drawings using egg shells and would be interested in learning how to make it on a larger scale. Throughout the workshop Cyril was keen to guide us all on how to make something very beautiful for the end result of his workshop. I feel the egg shell art has a close relationship to drawing in that it it s a very focused and skilled way of working.




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