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Ink prints/entropy/mitotis

The first template I made for the embossed drawing I have been working on broke after the first emboss. As I did not want to waste this material, I decided to start printing with it onto wet paper and ink.


IMG_20150807_151616 (1)
print record, ink, paper

My initial thought was to make a different version of the emboss drawing, so instead of pushing the paper onto the template to achieve a textured drawing i wanted a direct print of the broken record. In my mind this would highlight entropy in objects and putting it in to a drawing.

I enjoyed the first print I made, you can see the lines breaking away from the circular frame they were meant to be on. it also looks very liquid, much like a record looks owing to the plastic. The drawing also looks like its burning through the paper as though I motion cannot be contained/prevented from spinning.


I continued to print with the remaining ink as it thinned on the plate.





printed record template onto paperThe faded versions look too much like the emboss drawing so I decided to make the plate wetter and the paper too.

I played around with the photographs I took of the drawings and like how the drawing gets more defined as the animation progresses.



print effect of ink and record onto paper


I then started to print multiple versions of the record on the paper. It was useful to make this drawing to see what my final piece would look like for the spinning emboss drawings.

I like the effect the water has on the print, bleeding one shape into the next.

work in progress – print record

printing the records many times onto the paper felt like an interesting aspect to this work, so I decided to simplify the drawing – limiting myself to two prints per sheet of paper. Working on a roll of wallpaper underlay I had the option of making my drawing as long as wanted it to be, allowing me to play around with the bleed effect more.

progress – detail hand drawn lines into the bleed
copying lines – ink, paper, water



The organic look of the bleeding vein structures and the copied process used to make the drawing made me think of cell division. This process of copying and dividing, mirroring etc links in with my process of working.


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