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Wednesday Lectures Unit one

Madeleine Botet de Lacaze – www.madeleinebotetdelacaze.comm-botet-de-lacaze-credit-maria-peralta-ramos

Notes made during the artist talking how the body awakens consciousness. How the female body is seen and looked at. See video- artist is cutting hair And throwing away hairs around her. Defiant
Like a form of release. Looks upset/tired lime trying to resolve something with physical actions.
What is the role of the camera? A witness, a friend? An artist is a journey to connect with who we are. Finding new ways of communicating and relating. Facing the unknown. Performance artist a body is the work. Performance is an experience which transforms. As a society we are taught to divide/split/disassociate. Like a theater production. Viewing is also an action. Art/body/mind/life/male/female when together generate a new way of being. A performance artist should challenge the way an artist is feeling and those watching. See video
Emotional physiological feelings within myself -see cropped images of people. -Almost stills from a film. Wanted to use the naked body as a universal elemant to work. I was seeing myself as a product/an object. After early performance realized that participants needed time to reflect/absorb I the work before feedback. Since performing the relationship with my body changed. More honest.

Stefanie Elrick –


Notes made during the artist talk: Challenge the phallic. Male gaze. Her body to contain multitudes. I never once danced solo. Female identity. Social and political change. Intersecting the personal with the performative. Kiera o reilly.-pig carcass. Julia bardsley double exposure. Powerful art for women’s emancipation. Female body in practice. The laugh of Medusa in 1975. Freud -powerless to inject meaning into the world. To form authentic identities. Performance art is a fluid and definte, focuses act on physical performance is the half way point between the audience and the performer. Actions have their own intrinsic meaning. Non verbal way of making work. See video of skin poem performance. Overwhelming wave of pressure release during the performance. Empathy of the piece how it brought the room together through the suffering. Thrun performance obtained a new identity, strength/pain/love/self love. Shamanic redistributer/ritualised performance. 



Anne Marie Creamer  –


Anne Marie creamer is an artist recently embarked on a path into film making through her work in painting. using cropping and imagining scenes from many angles into drawings in ink, her work grew into a metropolis of narritive drawing installations. I particularly enjoyed the style of her earlier film works in which you can see the influence of 1930’s gothic cinema. In ‘meeting the pied piper in Brasov’ Creamer uses handmade drawings and music to create her narrative, which she moves along scence by scene by sliding her hand into camera view in a very gothic/claw- like way. In some ways this style reminded me of a film that was shown in the last year ‘The Babadook’ which was also told through the pages of a pop up book. Perhaps this could be a direction Creamer could move this work into a the next phase for challenging the way films are made.

notes made during the artists lecture


I am very interested in film making and I was very inspired by Creamers work and all that she had acheived as an independant artist. her work made the idea of pesueing a career in film making as an artist a reality for me.


Michael Pavelka –

Costume concept for the chorus of Fairies (2009).

David Buckland –

art installation preserving air


Richard Layzell-

‘Action and opportunity is everywhere.’

Geraint Evans –

terry, acrylic on board, 55 x 61 cm

Ivan Ward –


Tania Kovats – /

Birch (detail)

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