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Rolling hue

I am very interested in using the physical and compositional aspects of the materials I use to make my work. Therefore I wanted to conduct an experiment with rolled paper (straight off roll of larger paper) and a blue chalk pastel which was perfectly cylindrical. I rocked the pastel back and forth over the surface of the the curled paper. Over a period of about ten minutes there was an residual imprint of the rolling action. It was a very enjoyable activity to do and had quite a calming effect on me as I made the drawing. IMG_20141111_190443     I wanted to see what would happen when I completely rolled out the chalk itself in order to flatten and weigh down the curled paper. So the drawing has a function as to why it behaves and looks the way it does. The way the pastel has left is residue shows the effect of great pressure onto its cylindrical surface,. I like the explosions of chalk dust to each side of the drawing.     IMG_20141111_190448

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