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mirror mask

Looking back at our group show at the National Gallery I often find myself using the documentation photographs taken during the installation of my work, which used the mirror in the room as a part of the work.

From these images I have started to make new drawings, recreating myself as a mask. in retrospect I feel this was a performative work and so the mirror mask has been designed in response to this part of the work. The mask would have been worn during this installing of the thread and the finger printing process. The mirror perhaps representing a new method of accessing a different version of myself for the thread based work.

The idea of having a work be reflective/mirrored in some way (not necessarily with a mirror) but in imagining there is always a mirror – this opens my practice to the possibility of it becoming more three dimensional, and also allowing there to be a dividing line between myself and the work.

mirrormask2 mirror




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