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Collaging a walk

I have been looking for ways in which to collate all of the thoughts and memories I have of my peer workshop. With this I have begun to make a series of collage like arrangements using found materials. There is a great deal of play in volved with making the collages. Despite this I feel that through the play I am attempting to reach into my more symbolic/abstract imagination.


This feels like a refreshing and immediate way of working for me. I like that the objectivity of the works are temporary and the only trace if it having existed is the photograph. I am starting to test out this use of the photo- documentation more within my practice.

‘we left a trace of ourselves’ collage charcoal, monoprint, bulb holder, paper



‘we measured the distance’ wheel, paper, sandpaper, box, ruler


‘The water is like a…’ collage silver frame wire and tissue paper





‘names of the trees’ paper, push pins

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