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Nikita’s Workshop



For Nikita’s workshop we were instructed to make a quick and simple drawing of the selected image we had each been asked to bring along to the session. This was then repeated several more times, in which the length of time spent drawing the image varied throughout.

We were then split up into two groups where we were instructed to spend a short amount of time looking at a chosen image and then taking it turns to recreate the what we could remember of the drawing onto a separate piece of paper. This was quite a fun and interactive exercise too which we all seemed to enjoy.

Once this was completed we were asked to make a final drawing after choosing from a selection of images that Nikita had printed off and brought with her.

Nikita asked us to make our own version/response to the image, encouraging us to be more selective in how we represent the information we could glean from the source of the image.

This was the final exercise we completed for the workshop.

I found the method of becoming more selective in how you want your viewer to perceive your image very useful helping me to think about who my image is for and what ultimately am I commenting on through making my drawing.

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