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Dance of the Headless

Since my daily practice of drawing heads, and looking for ways to catalogue my marks, I began to question where the heads came from, why are they detached from a body. Where are the bodies? and what are they doing to get so detached from their own heads!

I have been reading around dance and animals for a little while. I had also been to see ‘papgaio’ at the Camden Arts Centre – a film made by artists Joao Maria and Pedro Paiva. In the film people are dancing and eating and wandering and falling, they are conscious but their minds do not seem to be as present as the bodies. This suggests the are taking part in a kind of cultural ritual of sorts. This linked me back to my own practice and my interest in the ritual of drawing.

With this is mind I began to draw dancing figures and cutting them out from the wet paper, allowing the paper to curl dramatically, enhancing the sense of movement even more.

I also have started to make my own liquid to draw with – using coffee grounds, oil, charcoal, sugar and other substances to make my drawing process much richer when I making.



I really enjoy the curling of the paper and the smell of the liquid as you walk past them.  I want to enhance the curling and the movement more so. I have been experimenting with fans and layering in order to add more to this body of work.






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